I can’t imagine life without electricity

Electricity has become a very important requirement today for all human activity. Inconceivable if there is no electricity in the world is certainly going to complicate man running all the work ranging from cooking to turn on the electronic device to work. Sources of electricity at present more diverse ranging from diesel engines, waterwheels, windmills, solar and others.

I use electricity to turn on electronic tools such as mobile phones, laptops, TV, fans and room light. Power outages 1 hour alone makes me uncomfortable because it will inhibit all activities. We as power users also need to be wise, efficient in the use of electrical energy due to the cost of expensive electricity tariffs.
Many a pretty simple way to save electricity, among others:
1. Unplug Cable / Tools Of The switch When Not Used
2. Use Electricity With Toll System
3. Saving Use Lights
4. Turn off the Electronic Equipment Sleep Current
An hour off the power in practice to change the pattern of life in energy consumption, but can be practiced anytime and anywhere while we can. Because if kedasaran it has appeared then anything can be done without compulsion. Reduce dependence on electricity use, use only as needed so much give a positive impact for themselves, others and help the government program. There are still many other alternative electricity cheaper and accessible.

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