Interview a person

On this occasion I have interviewed one of the businessmen of furniture, such sources named Mr Bejo Kirdianto. Bejo pack furniture store located at Jl. Puyuh Pontianak. Not difficult to interview him for a pack bejo are my loyal customers at the company where I work.

Gani: Good afternoon Mr Bejo. Sorry to disturb a short time, if you’re busy?
Mr Bejo: Good afternoon, I’m not busy. Anything I can help?
Gani: Introduce me Gani Untan FKIP student, I want to interview you briefly to my college assignment profession as a furniture businessman father.
Mr. Bejo: Please.
Gani: How long have you started the business of furniture?
Mr Bejo: I started the furniture business since 2000.
Gani: Why choose the furniture business?
Mr Bejo: Since the year 2000 has not been a lot of people who open this business. This business opportunity direct so I use.
Gani: any furniture items in the production and sale?
Mr Bejo: I manufacture of furniture items such as: doors, windows, table, and chairs made from wood.
Gani: How many employees are you?
Mr Bejo: I was helped three employees.
Gani: How much turnover that you get every month from the furniture business?
Mr Bejo: I get a turnover of Rp. 35 million per month, this amount has not been reduced material costs, employee salaries and operating costs.
Gani: Manufacture of products such as door takes how long?
Mr Bejo: Only takes about 2-3 hours for the manufacture of doors and depends on the complexity of the door.
Gani: How to maintain the business in the midst of many business competition?
Mr Bejo: Always pay attention to the material, product quality so that the outcome will be managed according to customer wishes and consumers will be satisfied with the products I production. Consistent in running the business and it will always be assured sustenance we get.
Gani: Okay this is just what I want to ask, thank you for willing in an interview. May the good business and more and more customers.
Gani: You’re welcome. thank you

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