My Future Business

Dreams are a picture if you want to want something, especially doing business.

Then do the business plan you want to set up. View opportunities, market research, competitors, and potential customers.

My future business is to set up many business units. Become a “Founder” a brand beginning with “GALERI”, such as:

“Galeri Jasa”
“Galeri Store”
“Galeri Travel”
“Galeri Cafe & Resto”
“Galeri Property”
“Galeri Apotik”

And opened a business franchise food and beverages that are familiar among the community.

Not without reason why I am very interested to plunge into the business world, because being an entrepreneur can make life more prosperous, have unlimited income, create many jobs and have lots of free time for family.

Example of earning an image of a trader or entrepreneur:

If I have a Cafe Cafe & Resto business unit that sells food and drinks. Each day sold 300 glasses of drinks worth Rp 8,000 and 100 portions of food for Rp 20,000.
300 x Rp 8.000 = Rp 2.400.000
100 x Rp 20.000 = Rp 2.000.000
I get a net income of Rp 4.400.000 for a day, if within 30 days net income can penetrate the number Rp 132.000.000 not yet cut the capital, employee salaries and other expenses.

That’s only from 1 business unit, if I have many business units and business branches?

I’ve read many business books the ways and tips on building a business, learning from experience and putting it into practice. The most difficult thing is to practice it in the field because what we dream is usually not according to what we expect, the failure is always a shadow. But I think it’s normal, even successful people have failed and lost. There is a saying that says “Spend Your Ration Failed” to be a motivation for me not to be discouraged in reaching the ideals.

9 out of 10 door sustenance is trading. Amount of alms is also a way to earn a lot of sustenance. If trade and charity is applied to one it is not impossible that we will become successful and successful people.
Then when do we start the dream ???

Hopefully my dream can soon be achieved and also make friends motivated to become a “BOS” business owner.


  • Full Name                     : Gani Widansyah
  • Nick Name                    : Gani
  • Place, Date of birth     : Pontianak, October 2nd, 1995
  • Gender                          : Male
  • Nationality                    : Indonesia
  • Height                            : 170 cm
  • Weight                           : 54 kg
  • Religions                       : Moslem
  • Address                         : Ahmad Yani II Street, Komplek Pawan Permai Mas II Blok H. 13, Pontianak.
  • Zip Code                        : 78391
  • Hobby                            : Reading
  • Phone/Mobile              :  085345020005 & 089522220005
  • Social Media                 :      Gani Widansyah
  •                                             @ganiwidansyah
  •                                             085345020005
  • Email Address              :

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