Why I continue my study to university level

Introduce My name is Gani Widansyah, derived from Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Born in Pontianak City, October 2nd, 1995. Background The police family and Javanese descent. My third child of four siblings consisting of two older sisters and one younger brother. My activity working in one of the private companies in Pontianak and has been working for three years as marketing. Besides I also continue education college S1 in Prodi Economic Education FKIP Tanjungpura University, 2016.

Why I chose to continue my study at University?

Education as high as possible is very important for the moment, because to find a job requires a level of the last education minimal S1. But it comes down to choice and sustenance of every person.

I decided to continue college at the age of 21 years because since graduating high school choose to work. To get the best job positions so that the degree necessary to obtain a decent standard of living.

Family is one of the reasons I continue college, my two older sisters also Tanjungpura university graduates, so that motivated me to seriously take a college education. Hopefully there are no obstacles for me and friends in grabbing everything he aspired.


Grup Name:

  1. Sindi Septiani F1032161004
  2. Eka Wulandari F1032161007
  3. Gani Widansyah F1032161023


  1. We choose Economics Education at FKIP UNTAN because …
  2. We would like to work a company / teach economic disciplines at University / operate our own business because …
  3. We think, we have / don’t have entrepreneurial flair. In our opinion, a successful businessman should have …


  1. It is one the departements we want since registering in college. Knowledge about the economy that we get through the lecture at FKIP UNTAN in except could be the skills and preparation before going directly into the world of work. In addition, the knowledge in we get can be taught to the people so that the knowledge can be benefit..
  2. We will choose to work for a company first because we need the experience and capital before running our own business if we ready to be an enterpreneur we’ll decide to stop working on the company so we can focus on running the business.
  3. Have is the talent and the will, must first have confidence in yourself because being entrepreneur challenge and risk for developing. The spirit and feeling of love towards what we do is an important factor for the business that we run to be successful, someone who has a sense of fun to what we do will have high spirits and has the right vision for the future.


  • Full Name                     : Gani Widansyah
  • Nick Name                    : Gani
  • Place, Date of birth     : Pontianak, October 2nd, 1995
  • Gender                          : Male
  • Nationality                    : Indonesia
  • Height                            : 170 cm
  • Weight                           : 54 kg
  • Religions                       : Moslem
  • Address                         : Ahmad Yani II Street, Komplek Pawan Permai Mas II Blok H. 13, Pontianak.
  • Zip Code                        : 78391
  • Hobby                            : Reading
  • Phone/Mobile              :  085345020005 & 089522220005
  • Social Media                 :      Gani Widansyah
  •                                             @ganiwidansyah
  •                                             085345020005
  •                                             www.galerijasa.com
  • Email Address              :      ganiwidansyah02@gmail.com

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