Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb
Dear attendees
And friends I respect

Let us pray praise to the presence of Allah SWT, because of His Grace and Hidayah we are all still given strength, opportunity and health so we can gather here.

On this occasion I would like to deliver my speech entitled unemployment in the economy. As we know unemployment is still increasing every year.

Unemployment is a situation where the number of job seekers is not proportional to the number of jobs available unemployment is a country’s economic problems. Unemployment becomes the benchmark for the advancement of a country because it will not advance a country if its people are still many who are unemployed or unemployed. Unemployment can worsen a country’s economic condition.

Some of the causes of unemployment include:

  1. The narrowness of employment
  2. Low education around us
  3. Limited labor demand
  4. Low productivity
  5. Still the difficulty of foreign capital inflows
  6. Ineffective job market information for job seekers

Unemployment is one of the problems related to economic activities, social relations and humanitarian issues. If this unemployment problem can not be resolved, there will be an increasingly widespread hazard and adversely affect the lives of individual communities, families, and society in general.

The adverse impacts of unemployment on individual societies include:

  • Unemployment can eliminate livelihood
  • Unemployment can eliminate skills
  • Unemployment will lead to social and political instability.
  • Increased levels of poverty
  • Incidence of criminality among communities

How to Overcome Unemployment

There are several ways to overcome unemployment that can be done, either by government or by private parties, as follows.

  1. Development of the informal sector such as home industry.
  2. Development of transmigration program to absorb labor in agrarian sector and other informal sector in certain area.
  3. Expansion of employment opportunities, for example through the opening of labor-intensive industries in areas with high unemployment.
  4. Increased investment, either development or investment to establish new businesses that can absorb labor.
  5. Opening of public projects. This can be done by the government such as the construction of roads, bridges, and others.
  6. Provide education and training that is practical so that one does not have to wait for job opportunities that are not comparable with the job seekers, but he himself develops his own business that makes him can get a job and own income.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, as students are expected not only to help the State by becoming a scholar who is just waiting for work from related parties. But also must be able to create job opportunities themselves so that later will be able to help reduce the number of unemployed in Indonesia.

So the speech I can convey, may be useful for us all. If there is one word I apologize and I say thank you for your attention.

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.

Daftar Nama Kecamatan Kelurahan/Desa & Kodepos Di Kota/Kabupaten Pontianak Kalimantan Barat


Negara : Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia (NKRI)
Provinsi : Kalimantan Barat (Kalbar)
Kota Administrasi/Kabupaten : Pontianak


    1. Kecamatan Pontianak Barat
      Daftar nama Desa/Kelurahan di Kecamatan Pontianak Barat di Kota Pontianak, Provinsi Kalimantan Barat (Kalbar) :
      – Kelurahan/Desa Sei/Sungai Jawi Luar ( Kodepos : 78113)
      – Kelurahan/Desa Pal Lima (Kodepos : 78114)
      – Kelurahan/Desa Sei/Sungai Jawi Dalam (Kodepos : 78115)
      – Kelurahan/Desa Sei/Sungai Beliung (Kodepos : 78117)

  1. Kecamatan Pontianak Kota
    Daftar nama Desa/Kelurahan di Kecamatan Pontianak Kota di Kota Pontianak, Provinsi Kalimantan Barat (Kalbar) :
    – Kelurahan/Desa Tengah ( Kodepos : 78111)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Mariana (Kodepos : 78112)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Sei/Sungai Jawi (Kodepos : 78113)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Sei/Sungai Bangkong (Kodepos : 78116)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Darat Sekip (Kodepos : 78117)
  2. Kecamatan Pontianak Selatan
    Daftar nama Desa/Kelurahan di Kecamatan Pontianak Selatan di Kota Pontianak, Provinsi Kalimantan Barat (Kalbar) :
    – Kelurahan/Desa Akcaya ( Kodepos : 78121)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Kota Baru (Kodepos : 78121)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Parit Tokaya (Kodepos : 78121)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Benua Melayu Darat (Kodepos : 78122)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Benua Melayu Laut (Kodepos : 78123)
    – Kelurahan Bangka Belitung (Kodepos : 78124)
  3. Kecamatan Pontianak Tenggara
    Daftar nama Desa/Kelurahan di Kecamatan Pontianak Tenggara di Kota Pontianak, Provinsi Kalimantan Barat (Kalbar) :
    – Kelurahan/Desa Bangka Belitung Darat ( Kodepos : 78113)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Bangka Belitung Laut (Kodepos : 78114)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Bansir Darat (Kodepos : 78124)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Bansir Laut (Kodepos : 78124)
  4. Kecamatan Pontianak Timur
    Daftar nama Desa/Kelurahan di Kecamatan Pontianak Timur di Kota Pontianak, Provinsi Kalimantan Barat (Kalbar) :
    – Kelurahan/Desa Saigon ( Kodepos : 78132)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Tanjung Hulu (Kodepos : 78137)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Parit Mayor (Kodepos : 78231)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Banjar Serasan (Kodepos : 78233)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Tambelan Sampit (Kodepos : 78234)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Dalam Bugis (Kodepos : 78235)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Tanjung Hilir (Kodepos : 78236)
  5. Kecamatan Pontianak Utara
    Daftar nama Desa/Kelurahan di Kecamatan Pontianak Utara di Kota Pontianak, Provinsi Kalimantan Barat (Kalbar) :
    – Kelurahan/Desa Siantan Hulu ( Kodepos : 78241)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Siantan Tengah (Kodepos : 78242)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Siantan Hilir (Kodepos : 78243)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Batu Layang (Kodepos : 78244)


  1. Kecamatan Anjongan
    Daftar nama Desa/Kelurahan di Kecamatan Anjongan di Kabupaten Pontianak, Provinsi Kalimantan Barat (Kalbar) :
    – Kelurahan/Desa Anjungan Dalam ( Kodepos : 78353)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Anjungan Melancar (Kodepos : 78353)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Dema (Kodepos : 78353)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Kepayang (Kodepos : 78353)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Pak Bulu (Kodepos : 78358)
  2. Kecamatan Mempawah Hilir
    Daftar nama Desa/Kelurahan di Kecamatan Mempawah Hilir di Kabupaten Pontianak, Provinsi Kalimantan Barat (Kalbar) :
    – Kelurahan/Desa Tengah ( Kodepos : 78911)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Terusan (Kodepos : 78912)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Tanjung (Kodepos : 78913)
    – Kelurahan/Desa Kuala Secapah (Kodepos : 78914)

I can’t imagine life without electricity

Electricity has become a very important requirement today for all human activity. Inconceivable if there is no electricity in the world is certainly going to complicate man running all the work ranging from cooking to turn on the electronic device to work. Sources of electricity at present more diverse ranging from diesel engines, waterwheels, windmills, solar and others.

I use electricity to turn on electronic tools such as mobile phones, laptops, TV, fans and room light. Power outages 1 hour alone makes me uncomfortable because it will inhibit all activities. We as power users also need to be wise, efficient in the use of electrical energy due to the cost of expensive electricity tariffs.
Many a pretty simple way to save electricity, among others:
1. Unplug Cable / Tools Of The switch When Not Used
2. Use Electricity With Toll System
3. Saving Use Lights
4. Turn off the Electronic Equipment Sleep Current
An hour off the power in practice to change the pattern of life in energy consumption, but can be practiced anytime and anywhere while we can. Because if kedasaran it has appeared then anything can be done without compulsion. Reduce dependence on electricity use, use only as needed so much give a positive impact for themselves, others and help the government program. There are still many other alternative electricity cheaper and accessible.



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